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Chelsee Spa

Chelsee Spa in use

Sundance knows what you like: a spa like the Chelsee that is so reliable and easy to care for, it's perfect for everyday use. And built with cool details to impress you and your friends. The AquaSheer waterfall with multicolor SunRay LED lighting is one shining feature of the Chelsee spa. This hot tub also includes a center footwell with a dome of massaging jets, so everyone in the spa gets a pro-style foot massage. And note how easy it is to set the perfect water temperature with the i-Touch controls.

Chelsee Hot Tub Overview

Chelsee Spa

Cabinet Colors

Coastal Sierra Mahogany

Shell Colors

Celestite Platinum Oyster Sahara Sand Copper Sand Twilight Graphite

  • Seats: 6-7 Adults
  • Dimensions: 224 cm x 224 cm x 91 cm
  • Spa Volume: 1,722 liters
  • 36 (6 varieties)

Chelsee Hot Tub Highlights

AquaSheerâ„¢ Waterfall

Reflexology Foot Dome

Four Distinct Corner Seats

New AquaSheerâ„¢ Waterfall for your backyard hot tub
  • Curved edge creates a sheer "curtain" of water
  • Multicolor SunRay LED back-lighting
  • Control waterfall and footwell lighting
  • "Special effects" modes
Spa hot tub Footwell Jets
  • Elevated and curved dome with five jets
  • Powerful massage action that you can enjoy from every seat
  • Excellent for reflexology
  • Relief for tired legs
Four Distinct Corner Seats
  • Four types of therapeutic massage seats
  • Pillow headrests provide support in all four seats
  • All-over massage in the Accu-Ssage therapy seat
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