It all started when…

Mr Spa installed his first spa more than 40 years ago and has worked within the industry ever since then.

Having established one of the most successful spa shops in the early 80’s, during this period of time he gained experience, knowledge and understanding of people’s needs and requirements along with the abilty to help customers achieve their desired benefits from owning a spa.

Once he came into contact with the Sundance product in the late 80"s, yes, some 30 years ago, he was so taken with the engineering and performance of these spas he immediately established a relationship with Sundance spas that is still valued by Mr. Spa and Sundance spas to this day. His technical skills have been honed over time to help anyone that owns a Sundance spa and has one of the largest spare parts inventory for Sundance spas in the country. Having been factory trained, his product knowledge is second to none in Australia.

With what is arguably the best built hot tub in the world with state of the art filtration, jet systems,heating and full foam insulation, and Mr. Spa to guide you with the best personal service in the game, you owe it to yourself to call.

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